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Laptops are selling rampantly in the market with different brands produced. They all look poles apart from each other and have distinct features but we should all be informed that they are similar with each other inside. The exterior look of the unit has been the only diverse quality but the hardware component contributes by one manufacturer, all of these are being assembled by same group of companies.

Generally, the processors use are fabricated by Intel or AMD but the hardware components are from Asus and are used by other brand such as HP, Dell and Apple.  hp ryzen 3  One of the largest creator of notebook is Quanta which was also been sold to HP, Dell Toshiba, Sony and Acer. This makes us more confusing on what brand to choose and which quality laptop we have in the market. Mostly, people buy computer where brand is popular by many and we often think that this has a lot different in terms of what is inside. But in reality there are only slight differences.

Where do these laptops produced? It is built mostly in overseas. An Apple was developed in China by Asus and other components for Windows system but these are designed particularly in California. The only difference is that Apple computers were distinguished as first class due to its operating system, superior design and aluminum gears. Aside from that, Apple’s applications are less vulnerable to viruses as this was not constructed by any third party. But what makes an Apple excellent to the buyer’s eyes is the technical service they bestow to customers.

It is better to identify first what your laptop’s purpose is for as there were those suited for your interest. Just that Apple is best for those who are computer beginners as this is user friendly and applications are easy to learn. The cheapest one would cost buyer at $999. But those who cannot afford to purchase an expensive one can opt for Asus. This brand has the strength to control their own product apart from that Asus also are the producer of most components for Windows-based computers such as HP and the like. Gamers can only have two brands if they want a good quality of performance, they can choose between Alienware or HP made.

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