Midi Controllers in Fruity Loops Studio

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I highly recommend investing in a midi controller, because they are an essential tool when producing music in FL Studio or any other production software. Having one will definitely allow you to express your music more easily and fully, and will also allow you to work more efficiently.

Where to Get Midi Keyboards
Almost every music store carries midi keyboard. Note that you may already have a keyboard that is midi compatible and not even know it. I had a keyboard for many years of my life (it was just sitting around) and when I got into music production I discovered I could hook it up to my FL Studio and use it. This was great because I could figure out if it was worth it to buy an expensive controller Webbing Tourniquet . Look around and see if you have an old keyboard in your home.

How to Setup a Midi Controller (Drivers)
Most of the time, you will get instructions with the controller you buy. You will just need to install some drivers, and connect the controller (usually through a Midi to USB)
If you have a keyboard that does not have its own midi to USB cable, you will need to buy one.

It’s pretty simple to setup the hardware – it came with a CD and all I had to do was install some drivers. Where some people have trouble is getting to work with their production software.

How to Setup a Midi Controller in FL Studio
After installing your drivers, and making sure your controller is plugged in, open up FL Studio. Go to “Options” and click “Midi Settings” (or hit F10).
Your controller should be listed under “Output” and “Input”. Click on the your midi controller on your output and then enable “Send master sync”, by simply clicking the option (the box should turn orange). Also click on the listed midi controller under input and click “Enable”.

If you do not see your midi controller listed, click “Rescan MIDI devices” – this should fix the problem. If it does not, make sure you have properly installed the drivers, and that you have correctly plugged in your controller to your computer or interface. If it still does not work you should contact the manufacturer of the keyboard, or look into their troubleshooting.
Once you’ve got your controller enabled, load up some sounds and hit some keys. If you hear something…congratulations! You have successfully set up a midi controller with FL Studio!

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