Make money Winning on Slots, Part 2

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All slot machines underneath the flash and spin are the same. They run on mathematical formulas that ensure the casino will make a profit. The casinos, which are in business to help you lose your money, do what they can to keep you playing. The odds are the more you play the more money they will take from you.

Poor Slot Players Lose Consistently

The average slot player has bad habits which reduce his chance of winning. There are no doubt more, but three are common.

First, he sits down at a slot machine without considering the likelihood of increasing the chance of his going home a winner. The best choice is a machine that will give you slot demo winnings often enough to keep giving you the casino’s money. Location, discussed in part 1, is important, but so are other factors. If a machine advertises a large jackpot and you know the slot is set so the casino will come out ahead, it stands to reason that the machine will, over time, pay out less per spin or pay off fewer times.

Slots usually give the largest payout only when you play the maximum amount. Information on the face of the machine tells you this, so it’s not a secret. Playing the maximum gives you the best odds, usually. Therefore, if you play a nickel at a time, the odds are working against you. On the other hand, the maximum on a nickel machine with three reels and three horizontal rows means each spin costs 9 times 5 cents, or at least 45 cents. On a five dollar machine, the maximum is usually ten or fifteen dollars

All slot machines are basically the same in construction. The cost of repairing and maintaining a penny and a five dollar machine is about the same. Because the extra money is available and the casino thinks you will lose anyway, machines that cost more to play often pay a higher percentage of winnings than lower cost slots.

Foolish Money Management

Second, watch most people play and you will see that they basically ignore any strategy for winning. Remember, over time, the odds are against you. It’s a loser’s habit to put money in and play until it’s gone. If they win on some spins, they just keep playing. You hear him say, “I’ll just play this down before we go to supper. ” ‘Play it down’ means he knows he will lose it all because he has already signaled his intention to play until he does.

Handling Your Loses

People who are addicted to gambling need more help than this brief article can provide. Most of us have a pretty good idea about how much we are willing to lose.

Third, to win enough to play with the casino’s money and no longer with your own, may require you to bring enough money to sustain some losses. The need to have enough funds versus the need to be prudent with your bank account is a balance that only you can decide.

Money Management Is the Key to Success

Winners can lose, but they lose less often because they manage their money. And when they win, they go home with their winnings. The secret is managing your money.

Let’s suppose you put 100 dollars in a one dollar slot machine and, playing the maximum, which on this machine is five dollars, on the first spin wins 30 dollars. You are now 25 dollars ahead ($30 – $5 = $25). If you collect the 130 dollars from the slot, put 25 dollars away and start with 100 dollars again, you will have something to go home with even if you lose the entire 100 dollars.

Eventually, if you win enough and put your winnings away, you will be playing entirely with the casino’s money. A reasonable rule is if you win more than your bet, put the winnings away.

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