Food Preparedness For Disasters Resulting Food Shortages Or Food Rationing

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This American Red Cross estimate only refers to those who have emergency kits with a 72 hour food supply. If there was an epidemic or event causing a temporary food shortage of 6 weeks to 6 months, then almost no one is prepared.

If your first thought is “bulk food” or big box store then think again. If you buy bulk grain or flour then you better also have a plan on how to cook and eat it. You will survival food kits need to store a lot of water, cooking oil, and a lot of other items for the grain to be a useful food supply.

Oh and be used to eating what you cook with the grain and flour, as your new full time diet. It is very stressful to dramatically change diet especially in a crisis. Severe diet changes can make people ill. The end result is adding complication to an already stressful situation.

There is a easier, cheaper, safer way to be prepared;

Bulk Freeze dried food

No cooking required. No preparation other than adding water required. You can eat food you normally eat without the canned food taste. It canso if you don’t need it this year or next year, you don’t have to throw it away.

Freeze dried food can be ordered bulk. Packages for a family supply of food for a month to a year or more are available and can be shipped to your door in a few weeks.

If you are concerned about preparedness, food rationing or shortages then you can get insurance against this risk. It is bulk freeze dried food. provides news and information on food preparedness for survival in the event of a natural disaster where food is not easily available for more than 72 hours. Some emergency situations such as epidemics may require 6 weeks to 3 months of reserve food supply for an individual or family. The lesson of Hurricane Katrina is that you can not put your hope in the government to provide adequate support in a timely fashion. You need to take your own steps to be prepared.

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