Eight Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

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Packing and moving house can be a very expensive proposition. People shouldn’t need to take out second mortgages just to move into a new house. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep moving expenses down, like finding free moving boxes.

One tip is to find used cardboard boxes and re-use them as free moving boxes. Why pay for new boxes? Cardboard boxes can be used many times over, and with the addition of a little packing tape, they make excellent free packing boxes. Don’t let used boxes go to the landfill or recycling center when you can make use of them for moving.

There are many places to find free postage boxes moving boxes, but you will need to do a bit of hunting. It can be a fun way to save money if you think of it as a treasure hunt and recycling trip rolled into one!

Apartment Complexes

Apartment blocks have tenants coming and going all year long. Stop by the apartment dumpsters to gather up the free cardboard boxes. You can find a treasure trove of boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Office Buildings

Businesses seem to always be buying new computers, which happen to come in very sturdy cardboard boxes. Also, copier paper comes in compact boxes with lids, which can be perfect for packing books or heavy items. Don’t let such good boxes go to waste.

Toy Stores

Have you thought about toy stores? Toy stores have great boxes. Another great thing is the employees, who are usually very friendly and eager to help.

Appliance And Furniture Stores

Such stores are a great source for large boxes. They make excellent free boxes for moving your larger possessions.

Grocery and Liquor Stores

Food-related businesses receive shipments daily, and the boxes go out back for recycling almost every day, too. They don’t seem to mind if you help yourself to plenty of free packing boxes.

Shopping Malls

Smaller malls, especially, place all the flattened cardboard boxes in one compact area for recycling. It can be a jackpot for a wide variety of boxes large and small.


Browse through the “free” section, or search for “moving boxes” or “cardboard boxes”. Remember to return the favor, and put your own ad on craigslist when you are done moving and don’t need your boxes anymore.

There are several other sources of free moving boxes online. Browse through websites where people post ads for boxes to give away.

Friends, Relatives, And Neighbors

Ask everyone to be on the lookout for spare boxes. They might have boxes stored in their garages, attics and basements. They can bring them in from work. Or maybe they have new neighbors who recently moved into the neighborhood. You can also ask them for other ideas about where to get free moving boxes.

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